i’ve been such a slacker…

Since I proudly completed my Camp Nanowrimo goal back at the end of May, I’ve written maybe 5 sentences?

Summer really makes me a slacker.  There’s so much to do!  It’s too nice out to be inside!  I keep opening up my “Beast of Gevaudan” word document and staring at where I left it at the end of May, and while I know there are roughly two paragraphs before the end of this novella, I just haven’t been able to write them.  I also opened up my word document for my work-in-progress that doesn’t have its own webpage yet and I’ll re-read it and then I started rewriting the first chapter, writing the aforementioned 5 sentences, and then got lost on Tumblr again.  Tumblr is probably to blame for most of my problems.

BUT!  Let’s look at my goals for the year!

  • to finish and publish Dreamwalkers
  • to finalize the print edition of Hitchhikers and offer a giveaway or two
  • to finish and publish Scavengers
  • and to possibly finish some of my other works-in-progress, including Blood Countess and another new WIP that I haven’t even added to the site yet!
  • be able to do a handstand away from the wall and hold for 10 seconds
  • be able to do more than 3 straddle ups in a row (in aerial silks)
  • practice yoga more often
  • read down my Goodreads to-read list (currently I have 148 books “to-read” which is kind of ridiculous) addendum: I now have 172 books on my “to-read” shelf.
  • sew more of my own clothes

So yeah, I may not have mentioned it… but Dreamwalkers is out there!  You can find it at Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon, also iBookstore, Sony, etc (I don’t have links for those).  For some reason Amazon hasn’t noticed that Dreamwalkers is free on all the other sites, but you can get the .mobi file at Smashwords and send it to your Kindle for free.

I can now do 5 straddle-ups in a row!  And 4.75 pull ups!  I also made myself a shirt which I have worn once!

Yeah, so I need to stop being a slacker and get back on the writing train…


Camp Nanowrimo, here I come! (again…)

2013-Participant-Campfire-Circle-BadgeSo I’m off to camp again.  Last year was not a very successful venture, although I did get several thousand words written in Dreamwalkers.

Since I’ve been having some difficulty getting myself writing as of late, I figured this is something I might need.  Plus, I am going to offer this as part of the teen summer reading program at my library.  I needed some event to go with the theme “Beneath the Surface” and specifically the interpretation “Express Yourself.”  I was already toying with offering a weekly writing workshop, and this comes with its own structure.

I’ve decided the mistakes during my last stint at camp had to do with using a partially completed story that was also a sequel.  Both are big no-no’s for wrimos.  Part of me wanted to complete the sequel to Seven Minutes to Midnight (since I’ve been re-reading some of my older novels, thinking I might self-publish those as well…), but that story has the same issues as Dreamwalkers – partially completed (about 20,000 words) and a sequel.

Scavengers, book 3 in the Wolf Point series, is obviously a sort of sequel, but I haven’t written a word of it yet.  Zeke’s story thus far departs from Daniel’s story and does not reconnect, so I am free to move the story in whatever direction I’d like – Kayla’s story had to follow along a certain path, and now that the paths have reconnected, I’m not sure what to do.  All I know is that Kayla and Daniel have to find Zeke.  What better way than to write Zeke’s story, and finish Kayla’s story already knowing what happens?

It could work.

At the very least I’ll get a good chunk of writing done on Scavengers, and be that much closer to being able to publish the Wolf Point series (not sure if it will remain a trilogy or if there will be more books…).

Nanowrimo 2012: Week 1 Update

Word Count: slightly ahead of target

Janina’s word count prowess has her in the lead, but we’ll see if she has the longevity!

I have already hit one point where I wasn’t sure where the hell my story was going and even contemplated scrapping what I had so far (roughly 5-8,000 words at that point) and starting my original 2012 Nanowrimo idea, the exorcism story.  When I met with the Townsend League of Extraordinary Writers (+1) on Saturday evening, I even announced to them sadly that my main character had no personality.

“You’ve got a Bella,” Tiger said wisely.

So I decided I would write my Wrimo buddies in the story: Janina ended up as an apathetic mermaid in the freak show, Tiger became a snake handler, and Jen was the nearly decapitated assistant to the knife thrower.  Still, I was stuck.

I spent most of one day writing out little blurbs of circus history – the real gory bits – to include at the head of each chapter, just because I had no idea where I wanted to make the story go.

Finally, I decided to make my main character, Lana Tate (last name might change…), have to overcome her lack of personality.  She’s spent her whole life being one of those obnoxiously good girls, listening to her mother’s advice, listening to what her friends think is the best course of action.  Which eventually led to her demise and her arrival at the Circus of the Damned.  So she needs to realize that she’s here and must become the performer she always could be, even though her mother always told her she shouldn’t want to be center stage.

I also threw in a romantic interest and some villainous folk, which spiced things up as well.  I’m rolling along once more.  Of course, I’m sure I will hit more road blocks along the way…

If you’re at all interested in reading, I’ll be posting up chapters on my Figment account.  Please comment or review!  Even if just to tell me it sucks!

The Hunger Games: distraction or inspiration?

I went to the midnight showing of “The Hunger Games” Thursday/Friday… then on Friday night, Janina was going to see the movie again so I was left to my own devices, none of which included writing.  I shouldn’t be so harsh on myself; I did do some research on literary agents, etc.  Put together some query letters.  But no actual writing.  Even though I had told Janina I wanted to write a fanfic of Gale’s POV of The Hunger Games.

By Saturday afternoon, however, I was itching to write.  I want to write something as epic as what Suzanne Collins has done.  I thought over my various works-in-progress and started working on Dreamwalkers, the sequel to Hitchhikers, which is told from Kayla’s point of view.

I won’t lie.  I did not accomplish much.  But it is something.

My take on the movie: I thought it was well done.  I loved Katniss and the adult cast; Peeta and Gale left something to be desired – they just did not look how I imagined, and I didn’t feel any chemistry between either one and Katniss.  I wished a little more time had been spent on the background of this society, the fear and the hunger of daily life in District 12.  I am really enjoying the soundtrack, especially the first song by Arcade Fire – it may go on my current writing soundtrack to keep that inspiration for epic-ness alive!


I really want to work on my Steampunk Cthulhu story.  I really do.  On Friday night I was on a roll, but Janina was feeling uninspired so we packed it in a little early.  And all weekend I’ve been distracted…  Vh1 with their marathon of “Pop-Up Video: Jersey Shore,” catching up on past episodes of “The Office” and “The New Girl” and “Dance Moms.”  And now a marathon of “The Walking Dead.”

What I really need to do is shut off the TV, or stop reading so many books.  I write best when I shut off distractions and just listen to music… I hope now that I’m caught up on so many of my favorite shows, maybe I will take the time to do that…


Recently I read the novel Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs, which is just such a cool book that I’ve been telling everyone about it.  Basically, the author took a bunch of weird old photographs and wrote a story around them.  He certainly had some really, really weird photos, from people who collect weird photos.

Inspired, I headed over to the Hollis Flea Market in search of my own weird photos.  I found a few, too, which I will scan and post when I get a chance.  None of them are quite as weird as the ones Riggs found, but just the idea of writing about ghostly sorts of people inspired me to do more writing last night than I’ve done all summer.  I pulled out an old unfinished favorite of mine – Rumors – and started with the main character looking through old photo albums.

Hopefully this will keep me inspired for longer than one night!  Especially since Janina and I have rescheduled our writing group for Monday nights for the remainder of the summer…

long time no write

I’ve been under the radar recently… not doing much writing (unless you count working on character family trees?).  Since Hitchhikers didn’t make it through to the next round, I sent it out to several agents and a) got 2 rejections ON MY BIRTHDAY and b) had 2 agents request the manuscript on the day after my birthday!  This was over a month ago, and I haven’t heard from the first agent, now I’m waiting on the second.  Overall my review from Publisher’s Weekly was positive so fingers crossed that good things will come!

As for getting more writing done… it’s summer and it’s busy and hopefully come September (or at least November!) I will find more time for writing again.