nanowrimo 2016 progress update

I neglected to post here about my Nanowrimo novel for this year…

Lately I’ve found the Mandela Effect rather fascinating, and I wanted to write something that would incorporate it somehow.  Yet without a firm idea, I instead decide to create a creep-tastic cover that might inspire me.  I scrolled through the sample covers on Canva and found this one: The Mist That Falls At Night.  Well, the title might need a little tweaking, but for now it is the title of my work in progress!  I changed up the background photo (mostly so I wouldn’t have to pay for it) with this one from Pixabay, and voila:


I’m really digging it, and although my story idea has so far not been as easy writing as I’m used to (especially considering I actually did some outlining!!), I think I’ll be able to go the distance with this one.  Last year was sort of a bust, since I ended up writing mostly a random assortment of fanfiction rather than the next Wolf Point novel, but I’m back on track this year.  So far I’m keeping up with the word count…


hi-ho it’s off to camp i go

This year Camp Nanowrimo is already making me do great things.  I finished the rough draft of Scavengers (YAY! You can even see that it’s moved from my Works in Progress to Novels!) because I needed it to be finished before I started camp.

I had a whole 2 days to spare, and I decided to use them to do a little pre-editing for Scavengers – by that I mean I’m re-reading Hitchhikers and Dreamwalkers.  (Usually I leave a newly finished novel to sit for a while before editing).  Mostly I was forgetting details like character descriptions and various places, and re-reading was mostly for me to remember the tone and voice of each novel and to be able to record all those things in my master notebook of info.  Well, damned if I haven’t found a bunch of types and errors in Hitchhikers alone!  I’m talking stuff like Kayla referring to her father as “Uncle Buck” and Daniel forgetting if his mother is Julie or Jenny (it’s Jenny).  Ugh.  I also described Remy in a totally different way than I remembered, so once I get through Dreamwalkers I’ll match them up and hopefully get all the details straight and upload revised editions.  And hopefully I’ll then be able to edit Scavengers and have it out by the new release date, April 30!

For Camp Nanowrimo, I’m writing another prequel.  This one is called “The Madman” and picks up where The Beast left off.  Naturally, I will have to re-read The Beast at some point to get all those details straight.  Because this is a novella, my Camp Nanowrimo word count is only 20,000, and as of Day 1 I’m right on track!  I’m excited in that way that comes after finishing a novel, like anything is possible.  I’m already trying to plan for what I’ll work on in July.  Wolf Point #4?  The third prequel novella?  Something totally new??

goals & progress

A quarterly update on my progress:

  • to finish and publish Dreamwalkers
  • to finalize the print edition of Hitchhikers and offer a giveaway or two
  • (if goal #1 happens) to finish and publish Scavengers
  • and to possibly finish some of my other works-in-progress, including Blood Countess and another new WIP that I haven’t even added to the site yet!
  • be able to do a handstand away from the wall and hold for 10 seconds (I am close to being able to hold it next to the wall, the next step is to move away!)
  • be able to do more than 3 straddle ups in a row (in aerial silks)
  • practice yoga more often
  • read down my Goodreads to-read list (currently I have 148 books “to-read” which is kind of ridiculous)
  • sew more of my own clothes

I got the print edition of Hitchhikers all squared away and did a Goodreads giveaway that ended March 11th.  Goal met!  I will likely be offering another giveaway for Hitchhikers once I’ve completed Dreamwalkers and get the ebook edition up.

I have actually been practicing yoga more often, usually only once a week (although I do incorporate a lot of yoga stretches into my stretching routine).

So far, I’ve got a peasant blouse nearly completed (will post pics at some point) and I have the materials to make a knockoff of Lululemon’s vinyasa scarf (apparently now discontinued).  Also I’m very nearly finished with a sweater I’ve been working on since early autumn, just in time for the weather to turn warm.  Not really sewing, but DIY clothing related.

Progress on my other goals…

  • Dreamwalkers is up over 52,000 words! It probably will not be finished by my self-imposed deadline of April 1 (ha ha!) but the end is near.
  • Have done some inspiration work on my WIP that is still doesn’t have its own spot on my WIP list – check out this Pinterest board I made!
  • Still can only do 2 straddle ups in a row, but I’ve been able to do some with straight arms which is extremely difficult, so I am getting there!
  • Started the year with 148 books on my to-read list, now at 155, but I have actually read several books that were on there!

goals and not meeting them


I figured I’d update my word count over on the Dreamwalkers page, just to keep track of how well I’m doing on my resolution of writing 500 words a day.  Unfortunately, this forces me to acknowledge that I’ve only written 1,679 words this year when I should be up around 6,000.  I managed to write about 1,000 words on the 5th, and a little over 500 words yesterday.  Which means I’ve only written for about 3 days out of the year thus far.

I’m going to keep trying.  A couple of things popped up this week, but honestly, they shouldn’t have stopped me from writing.

I’m considering buying Scrivener.  I tried the free trial last year and I did like it, although it had a lot more bells and whistles than I’m used to when I’m writing.  Sometimes the effort of turning on my laptop and opening a document makes me want to write longhand.  But it does have a feature where it will keep track of daily word count.

I will keep trying.  Got my Word document open now.  I can do this.

freebie weekend, and hello from camp!

My two companions novels, Bethany Caleb and The Art Kids, will both be available for free this weekend, July 13-14!  (Of course, these are both always free for Amazon Prime members).  Also available are the print editions of both books.

scavengers ebook coverSo the long holiday weekend totally decimated my word count, but I am still writing at least.  I should be at around 15,000 words by the end of today and I am limping along at a little over 9,000.  I still think I will get a good chunk of Scavengers completed by the end of the month.  It helps that I’ve incorporated Camp Nanowrimo into my library summer reading programming, so I’m forced to do write-ins every Friday.  Last year, when I worked on Dreamwalkers during Camp Nanowrimo, I think I got maybe 10-11,000 words added.  (Note on the cover at right: This will not be the final cover of Scavengers, since when I tried to contact the owners of the various images used, I received no response… back to the drawing board…)

I think once I have complete drafts of both Dreamwalkers and Scavengers, I will publish Hitchhikers.  I may do it differently than I did for my first two self-published books.  I’m looking into Smashwords, since this allows more than just the Kindle platform (but includes the Kindle platform), and will also allow me a little more freedom in setting the price.  Createspace was kind of a pain in my ass, but I’ll probably still use it for print editions.  Kindle was so easy to publish with, I may still use KDP for publishing the Kindle edition.  Now if Janina would only finish reading that final draft of Hitchhikers

Nanowrimo Update: Week 2.5

Word Count: Above Par (34,484/33,333)

Janina is less than 5,000 words away from finishing.  I am consoling myself with the fact that I am keeping my head above water.

I am having a little too much fun with my deadly circus.  Since all the characters are dead, they can die over and over again in horrific, circus-related ways.  Most recently, the animals went crazy during the show’s finale, which led to: an evisceration, a decapitation, legs being crushed by an elephant, and a fire.  Previously there was a lion tamer attacked by his own lions and a flying trapeze act where the flyers plummeted to the ground.  We also discovered that one of the characters died in the Hagenbeck-Wallace circus train fire.

The one problem I’m starting to notice, as I have noticed in years of Nanowrimo past, is that I forget a lot of details from earlier on in the story.  My main characters keep flip flopping on their feelings about being in the Circus of the Damned, because I didn’t remember how I had written their original feelings.  I also keep forgetting character names… ah well, I suppose that’s what editing is for.

I’m not sure, but…

…is one hour of writing in the middle of a 3-hour “American Horror Story” marathon good?

Still working on Dreamwalkers, and I wrote about 1,000 words.  Janina was on a roll so I had to keep writing (instead of immediately turning on the next episode, my remote control finger was getting itchy) a little past the hour.

Oh, how I love this show and I can only desperately hope that the new season lives up to my unrealistic expectations.  Knowing all the secrets from Season 1 has made rewatching it pretty cool.  I love how all the storylines and character relationships are woven together.  I love how each person (and ghost) has their own psychological demons that influence their actions.  I can feel, in that mid-October way, that my Nanowrimo novel is going to be very much influenced by “American Horror Story.”

Except I think my story will be about the circus…

Also, sent out a few more queries today for Hitchhikers.