Wolven cover

Got tired of writing, so spent most of the afternoon making a cover.  Check it out on the Wolven page.


Found it!

Yes, two months later, I found a secret stash of discs in my desk drawer, and happily, one of them contained several drafts of The Wolven: Animal Nature, as well as a few novellas and novels I had nearly forgotten about, or thought I’d lost to the computer gods. Of course, my new computer does not have a disc drive, so I had to power up my old computer and transfer all the files to a flash drive, then to my new computer, which doesn’t understand the old MS Word programming and changed all the fonts to some weird Lucida Handwriting or something.

In other news, I finally finished a draft of The Abandoned! I have a list of readers for this draft and a couple on a list for the final draft (after I’ve made the changes from this draft). I had hoped to have finished a draft for Blood Countess, but it’s slightly easier now that I only have one fictional world going…

Hopefully I can finish it before Nanowrimo/the end of October, but what with now working full time, taking my final grad school class, and studying for comps, I’m not sure I’ll be able to do it, and plan for the novel I’ll write in November! Unless I decide to cheat and write an additional 50,000 words onto the roughly 12,000 words I already have… But I really want to write something set in medieval times / a fantasy novel. I’m having a hard time with Blood Countess because of all the research involved (I’ll write something, then have to double check to see if it’s historically accurate).

Oh, no…

I got a new computer last summer…. Good thing, right? Well, I have only just now discovered that a novel I have written TWICE is nowhere to be found. Not on any of my flash drives, not on my floppies, not even on my old lap top. Just gone. And I had written this thing TWICE! I didn’t like the first draft, so I started from scratch for Nanowrimo 2006, which means I got to 50,000 words (or about 200 pages). And now, I’ll have to write it again… Maybe I can find a hard copy of it somewhere, some little scraps of paper with notes or SOMETHING!!!