new year, new look

One of my goals this year is to get back on track with writing my original fiction.  First up was a new cover for The Art Kids:

Old Cover
The Art Kids cover 2017 update.jpg
New Cover











Isn’t it pretty??  Of course this is for the Kindle edition only, because creating a cover for the paperback is a lot more involved, but I’m going to get to that this year.  The new Kindle edition is available on Amazon for $2.99 right now (although there might be a sale coming up *wink*wink*).

I created my new cover on Canva, which is so easy to use.  Another new cover I’ve been working on is for The Thing About the Truth / The Thing About Zombies / My Zombie Girlfriend.  (As you can see, I’ve been having some trouble with the title as well.)  This novel was a Nanowrimo challenge and I had it posted over on for years.  Recently I decided to give a try over on Wattpad, since it seems like Wattpad is more heavily used and people are actually getting their work published there.  Anyway, I’ve been struggling to determine the audience for this book, and you can see the progression through the cover and title changes:









The original cover & title: The Nanowrimo challenge was based off the cover of Lauren Barnholdt’s “The Thing About the Truth” so I used that as the base but “zombified” it

Second cover & title: Trying to keep the spirit of the original title, but making a simple bold statement with the cover art.  I had also categorized this story as horror, which despite the zombies, it isn’t…

Current cover & title: Since this story is more of a horror comedy, I felt this title was a better fit.  I also returned to an image similar to the original cover.  I’d love to introduce the cracked surface of cover 2, but Canva has its limits…

So, two new covers!  Up next: redesigns for the Wolf Point series covers, and a cover for the second Wolf Point prequel novella, The Madman, which is nearly completion!  I’m looking at a release date for the end of this month, so stay tuned!


8th consecutive Nanowrimo win!

2013-Winner-Square-ButtonThat’s right, folks.  I won Nanowrimo, this time a scant half hour before Janina!  I finished on November 28th and while I made it past the 50,000 word finish line, I’ve still got a little work to do to actually finish the story.  And surprisingly, I still WANT to finish the story!

I mentioned before that I chose to do Forever Young Adult‘s cover story challenge, which means that I based my novel off someone’s invented description of Lauren Barnholdt’s The Thing About the Truth based solely on the cover.  Of course, I had to “zombie-fy” the cover:




I was surprised that the story was as fun as it was to write.  Hopefully it’s as much fun to read!  I have posted the (slightly incomplete) draft up on Figment for your reading pleasure.

Glad it’s over so I can start on Christmas crafting, and also because I need to finish Dreamwalkers!

my Nanowrimo cover story

I haven’t posted in a while, mostly due to Halloween costume crunch time (pics coming soon!  I promise!), and most recently because of Nanowrimo.  But I want to share what I’m doing for Nanowrimo, because it’s slightly different than what I’ve done in past years.

This year, one of my favorite blogs, Forever Young Adult, has a Nanowrimo challenge.  One of their regular columns takes the covers of YA books (usually of the cheesy variety) and writes a summary of what they believe the book is about based solely on the cover.  So FYA challenged people to write a Nanowrimo novel based on one of these cover stories.

It was a tough decision, but I decided to go with The Thing About the Truth.  Not surprisingly it’s about zombies.  (A close second was Click to Subscribe… can’t wait to see if anyone is writing a novel described as “This high school re-imagining of The Human Centipede tells a horror story of harrowing survival and burgeoning romance between best friends who always have each other’s backs.”)

If any of you out there are also taking the FYA Nanowrimo Challenge, please add me as a writing buddy!

Thus far I am still ahead of the game… hopefully it stays that way!