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There’s a huge sale over at Smashwords, which means all my books there are free!  These include:

I haven’t posted the third Wolf Point Origins novella, The Seer, on Smashwords yet, unfortunately.  You can download these ebooks from Smashwords in pretty much any format, including Kindle (which apparently no longer does the price matching thing).

Once of my goals for this year will be to publish the fourth and final Wolf Point book, Warriors, as well as an omnibus of all the prequel novellas.

I’ll also plug the novel I posted over on Swoonreads.  Waiting Room is a contemporary LGBQIA+ novel, and you can read the whole thing and leave comments and ratings.  (The more ratings I get, the more likely it will get published!)  You can read more about Waiting Room (and why I haven’t talked about it on this blog until now).


Read a ebook week: March 5-11

In honor of “Read an eBook Week,” Smashwords is having a huge site-wide sale, which means all the Wolf Point series books will be free!

So, you can get Wolf Point books 1-3:

Hitchhikers ebook cover 4

dreamwalkers ebook cover

scavengers ebook cover 6 copy






And you can also get both of the prequel novellas (that’s right, The Madman is now available!):

beast cover 2







Smashwords is great because you can download any format you need.  There’s ePub (for most ereaders), .mobi (for Kindle – use the Send to Kindle app to get on your device), and PDF (if you prefer that for ereader or to read on your computer).  You can also read online at the site.  And getting an account on Smashwords is free!

Presidents’ Day Sale

This week all my books shall be free!!  February 20-24!  EVERY.  SINGLE.  ONE.

Over on Amazon, you’ll find Bethany Caleb, The Art Kids, and Hitchhikers all free for Kindle!

If you visit Smashwords, you can find Dreamwalkers & Scavengers (Wolf Point #2 & #3) for free with the coupon codes.  Hitchhikers and The Beast (Wolf Point prequel) are always free on Smashwords, and you can download the mobi (Kindle) editions here as well.

Happy reading!


P.S.  I just finished the first final draft of the second Wolf Point prequel, The Madman, and hopefully I’ll have it available by the end of this week!

hi-ho it’s off to camp i go

This year Camp Nanowrimo is already making me do great things.  I finished the rough draft of Scavengers (YAY! You can even see that it’s moved from my Works in Progress to Novels!) because I needed it to be finished before I started camp.

I had a whole 2 days to spare, and I decided to use them to do a little pre-editing for Scavengers – by that I mean I’m re-reading Hitchhikers and Dreamwalkers.  (Usually I leave a newly finished novel to sit for a while before editing).  Mostly I was forgetting details like character descriptions and various places, and re-reading was mostly for me to remember the tone and voice of each novel and to be able to record all those things in my master notebook of info.  Well, damned if I haven’t found a bunch of types and errors in Hitchhikers alone!  I’m talking stuff like Kayla referring to her father as “Uncle Buck” and Daniel forgetting if his mother is Julie or Jenny (it’s Jenny).  Ugh.  I also described Remy in a totally different way than I remembered, so once I get through Dreamwalkers I’ll match them up and hopefully get all the details straight and upload revised editions.  And hopefully I’ll then be able to edit Scavengers and have it out by the new release date, April 30!

For Camp Nanowrimo, I’m writing another prequel.  This one is called “The Madman” and picks up where The Beast left off.  Naturally, I will have to re-read The Beast at some point to get all those details straight.  Because this is a novella, my Camp Nanowrimo word count is only 20,000, and as of Day 1 I’m right on track!  I’m excited in that way that comes after finishing a novel, like anything is possible.  I’m already trying to plan for what I’ll work on in July.  Wolf Point #4?  The third prequel novella?  Something totally new??

inspirations: wolf point

I talk a little about my inspiration for the first book in the Wolf Point series over on the Hitchhikers page, but as I continue the series I feel the need to talk about an inspiration that has actually helped me to build the world of the Wolf Point series.

One day, I was looking at a map, and saw the town of Wolverton (located somewhere in England).  I had this idea that there could be a town like this that got its name because werewolves lived there.  I’m not sure how much time passed between having this idea and when I discovered or searched for the town of Wolf Point, Montana, which seemed like the ideal place in the U.S. to have such a town full of werewolves.  Nearby are the Wolf Mountains, yet another ideal location.

Coupled with the idea of a town name, I thought about surnames like Wolf.  Wolf, Woolf, Wolfe, etc. would be fairly obvious, but there are many surnames from other countries and languages that essentially mean the same thing.  I liked the idea that families were given this surname because, in actuality, they were werewolves, and perhaps through the years, this knowledge was lost or hidden to the general populace so that today, we don’t think that a person having this last name is a werewolf.  In researching various names that mean “wolf,” I got the idea for The Five Families who emigrate to the U.S. and settle in Wolf Point:

  • Connor (Irish, meaning “Wolf Kin” or “Lover of Wolves”)
  • Loupe (French: loup means “Wolf” – although I’m discovering that loupe might be derived from louppe which means something else entirely)
  • Roulfe (Scottish – apparently my own spelling – from Rolfe, meaning “Wolf Counsel” or “Renowned Wolf”)
  • Randell (English, meaning “Wolf’s Shield”)
  • ???? This branch of the family I have not decided on a surname yet.  I would like this branch to be Danish, for which the word for wolf is ulv (you’ll see why later)

So as I wrote Hitchhikers and Dreamwalkers, I envisioned these families coming to the U.S. due to persecution against werewolves in Europe.  When I began to write The Beast, I wanted to see if I could work some of the real werewolf executions into the story of the real life Bete du Gevaudan, a wolf some believed to be a werewolf.  Instead, I discovered that wolves were hunted to near extinction in a number of European countries right around this time period:

  • 1500: the last wolf was killed in England
  • 1680: Scotland’s last wolf was killed (but possibly existed until 1888)
  • 1770: Ireland’s last wolf was killed
  • 1772: Denmark’s last wolf was killed
  • 1927: last wild wolves in France killed
  • 1966: Sweden’s last wolf killed (a wolf bounty was in place from from 1647)
  • 1976: Norway’s last wolf killed

The story of The Beast takes place right around 1770, so I imagined now that all these wolf families were being displaced from their country of origin and seeking refuge in France.  Because of the Beast’s rampage, France became unsafe for them, and they moved to the New World and settled far west, which by the time of the second prequel novella brings us to 1870, during the Westward Expansion.

I briefly mention in Hitchhikers the Five Family’s relations with the Native American tribes of the region, basically that they settled and kept to themselves.  I imagined this relationship to be similar to the French-Canadian fur trappers’ relationships, a working relationship that did not bring conflict.  I also mention in Hitchhikers the belief of the Five Families that the werewolf gene is passed through bloodlines, although it is later shown in Dreamwalkers that their belief that they are the only bloodlines with the werewolf gene is false.  In Scavengers, I want to bring in the story of the Native Americans in the area, especially since I’ve been conscious from when I first chose Wolf Point as a locale that the town is located on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation and the racial makeup is about 50% Native.  Now I am tasked with researching the tribes of the area and how to weave a werewolf pack into that.

It’s been completely fascinating for me how one small idea has led me to build this entire world…

forgot to mention…

beast cover 2The Beast – a Wolf Point prequel novella – is out!

You can find it at Amazon for 99 cents, and free at Barnes & Noble.  Over at Smashwords you can download it in any file type for free.

The Beast is the origin story of Geo, the oldest known werewolf.  This is the first of a series of prequel novellas.

As Nanowrimo rapidly approaches, I’m torn about what I want to write.  I’d love to finish Scavengers before November 1st (highly unlikely), but I’m considering just using November to write/finish a number of projects.  Finish Scavengers, and start work on the next prequel novella, since I have about 30,000 words left to go before finishing Scavengers and the novella would be between 20-30,000 words.  That equals 50,000 words…

On the other hand, I could write a fourth book in the Wolf Point series, which I want to be from Misty’s point of view.

Or, I could write Wayward Ghosts, which is already a few chapters long, so kind of cheating.  Seems like unless I write Wolf Point #4, I’m going to be a Nano cheater this year. Decisions, decisions.