query counter

Well, I’m settled into my new place now and I’ve finally become more motivated to write and to work on my New Year’s goal of submitting to 50 agents.  I think I will surpass even my 2010 extreme of 77 queries (although my goal that year was 100 rejections).  So I’m up to 30 queries right now, as you can see by the handy “Rejection Counter” I created for the sidebar –>

I’m back to working on The Blood Countess again, now that Janina and I are back to our Friday Night Writing Club.  I passed 40,000 words and I’m feeling inspired, although I don’t know if my weekend will involve more writing or sewing curtains for my kitchen windows…


long time no write

I’ve been under the radar recently… not doing much writing (unless you count working on character family trees?).  Since Hitchhikers didn’t make it through to the next round, I sent it out to several agents and a) got 2 rejections ON MY BIRTHDAY and b) had 2 agents request the manuscript on the day after my birthday!  This was over a month ago, and I haven’t heard from the first agent, now I’m waiting on the second.  Overall my review from Publisher’s Weekly was positive so fingers crossed that good things will come!

As for getting more writing done… it’s summer and it’s busy and hopefully come September (or at least November!) I will find more time for writing again.

finally, a yes!

So, you haven’t heard from me since June, when my short story “Seventh Son” was placed on the short list for Pill Hill Press‘s Monster Mash anthology. Since then, my story was accepted and the anthology is now available for purchase on their website and via online retailers such as Amazon! I am eagerly awaiting my contributor’s copy. The news gets even better: “Seventh Son” was chosen to appear in Pill Hill Press’s sampler that will be sent out with any purchase from their online store! Soon I will be updating the Short Stories page with all relevant info.

In other news, I’ve sent out over 60 queries, and I’m up over 30 rejections. Nanowrimo is fast approaching and I still haven’t finished Hitchhikers… But with all the excitement over having a story published, I think I will be more motivated to write. Hopefully.

keep on truckin’

So, a round-up of my publishing efforts thus far: 26 submissions sent, only 12 actual rejections. The rest have yet to respond (and some of them probably never will). I am on track as far as sending out submissions to get my 100 rejections, but lagging behind in getting the actual rejections!

I am trying not to get too hung up on. I’m at over 40,000 words in my work-in-progress, Hitchhikers, which at this point in my writing career, having done 4 Nanowrimos, is what I call the homeward stretch. It’s weird not to be writing it like I’m running a race, though. I can take my time, think about where I want things to go instead of having to scribble down the first thing that comes to mind. I think this novel is turning out better for that, but it also means it’s taking a lot longer than I’m used to.

wash. rinse. repeat.

It’s back to square one. Nothing panned out, unless you count my growing number of rejections. So it’s back to querying, and writing of course. Still working on Hitchhikers, although I may take another stab at Blood Countess if I can’t get past the weird place I left my Hitchhikers narrator in last night…

wallpaper… and not wallpaper

Ten rejections into my New Year’s Resolution and an agent asked to see the full manuscript! I had only just started wallpapering with my rejections. I am not deluded; I know that I may yet be rejected again, and this one might hurt more. But at least I know my query letter isn’t a total failure. All week I’ve been scrambling around getting my manuscript submission together so I can send it out before I head off to Jamaica for a week!

Most of my queries thus far have been for The Abandoned, but I did enter Seven Minutes to Midnight in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest again. I’m hoping that this year it will have a better chance since there is now a young adult novel category, but I must confess that the major reason I submitted to the contest again was for the (slight) chance that the freaking awesome Sarah Dessen will read it. Yes, she’s one of the judges. Of course, it will have to make it through the first round, which will cut about 80% of entries. Then the next round, which will cut 75% of those entries. Then hope that my novel will be of the top 20% of THOSE entries. And then hope I’m one of the top 6. Those percentages aren’t exactly in my favor, but a girl can dream…

first rejection of the new year!

I’m not sure why I’m excited about this. But I am. The first rejection of the 100 I have resolved to receive this year. It means I can turn around and resubmit immediately. It means I’m actively trying to attain my goal of getting published. So I’m a little teensy bit excited. I even printed out the rejection (I queried via email) and I’m thinking of doing a Stephen King-esque thing like nailing it to my wall. We shall see.

Perhaps after getting a few more of these I will not be so enthusiastic.