lost again

Damn, I wish my computer files would stop getting lost!

A couple of months ago, I finally took all my old floppy disks, bought an external floppy drive since no computer I have access to has a floppy drive anymore, and converted the files and saved them to my external hard drive.  Finally!  I thought.  I have all my computer files in one place!

I mentioned in a previous post that I was going to be releasing The Art Kids with a new cover and I wanted to make some revisions as well, and guess what I couldn’t find?  ANY OF THE FILES OF THE PUBLISHED VERSION OF ART KIDS.  Like, really?  I definitely had at least two files, one formatted for Kindle Select Publishing and one formatted for Createspace.  Do you think I could find either one of them?  Or even the full cover Photoshop file?  Nope.  I have no idea where these things are.  I have checked every flash drive I could find.

I was at the point where I had downloaded the Kindle edition and was prepared to update my most recent draft of Art Kids to match it – and that file was at least 7 years older than the published draft – and then I found in my emails a PDF of the original published file.  I am pretty sure I made a few changes sometime in the past year, and yet… WHERE ARE THE FILES???  It’s even worse that this is the second time this has happened, the first being when I had to re-type the entire manuscript from a print copy I had made before publication.

Looks like my revision/cover update project will take a little longer than I had anticipated.

However, I’m feeling positive that I will be getting some projects done in this next year.  I really love the new cover design for Art Kids, and I’m looking forward to update covers for the Wolf Point series as well.


rewriting what has already been written

After losing a good portion of the final draft of Bethany Caleb (I’ve got 27 pages of roughly 100), I’ve been attempting to reconstruct it… and it’s almost harder than writing it the first time.  I found a handwritten copy of Bethany’s school schedule, so I’ve been trying to piece together her one day at school from scenes in previous drafts that correspond to her schedule.  It’s all the transitions from one scene to another that will require the most work. And the ending, in which I’m fairly certain I came to a very different conclusion than I did in the original 8 or 9 drafts.

I’d probably be better off forgetting about my original final draft and just take this on like a wholly new venture.

I just have this feeling that as soon as I create a new final draft that I’m happy with, I will find the original final draft somehow.

my novel is lost… most of it, anyway.

After searching through several flash drives, I finally found several drafts of my first novel, Bethany Caleb, which I am considering self-publishing in advance of Hitchhikers.  More as a test of the whole self-publishing system, but also because I still love that story and found an awesome image to make a cover with!

However, none of the drafts was the FINAL draft.  The best I have is a draft up to Chapter 7 (out of 10).  I feel like this complete novel must be out there somewhere… I had posted it on Authonomy a few years back, got a couple of reviews.  But then I took it down because I didn’t really like how the site basically encouraged people to fish for reviews, or only review other people’s stuff so that they could get their stuff reviewed. And I deleted by entire account, so no hope there…

So I went to Google, thinking MAYBE there were some archived garbage including my full novel somewhere on the internet.

And I found THIS: a story with a main character named Kate Spofford.  Strangely enough, the following chapter is called “The Hitchhiker.”  So weird!!

Anyway, now I’m not sure what I’m going to do.  Keep looking for the elusive final draft of this novel?  Rewrite the darn thing? (I’ve only rewritten it about 10 times.  Seriously).  It reminds me of how I couldn’t find a full final draft of The Art Kids and ended up with the proof copy of the book I had printed up years earlier and RETYPED THE ENTIRE THING (Thank God for hard copies!!).  I would almost rather do that than try to rewrite it…

Oh, no…

I got a new computer last summer…. Good thing, right? Well, I have only just now discovered that a novel I have written TWICE is nowhere to be found. Not on any of my flash drives, not on my floppies, not even on my old lap top. Just gone. And I had written this thing TWICE! I didn’t like the first draft, so I started from scratch for Nanowrimo 2006, which means I got to 50,000 words (or about 200 pages). And now, I’ll have to write it again… Maybe I can find a hard copy of it somewhere, some little scraps of paper with notes or SOMETHING!!!