I win!!

Crossed the finish line last night!  And the story is “complete” – there was no skipping to the end and writing an epilogue.  Well, a lot of the last couple of chapters is telling not showing, but I have high hopes for this one and I’m looking forward to editing.  I even kept writing after I saw the word counter at the bottom of the screen go over 50,000, so I have a grand total of 50,289 words!  Yeah, I know, it isn’t that much over (especially considering Janina’s 61,000+ words… grumble grumble).

It has been a few years since I’ve felt this positive about a Nanowrimo story after I’ve finished.  The Nostradamus Project, Return to Ravenwood Manor, and Cabin Fever were all sort of slapdash toward the end.  Ravenwood Manor wasn’t terrible, and I did complete the story, but it didn’t exactly turn out the way I’d envisioned at the beginning.  The other two… well, maybe someday I’ll go back to Cabin Fever.  That one I didn’t really “finish” – it’s still listed under my “works in progress.”

Soon I’ll be adding a page for Ghosts of Circus Past, which will include some of the research resources I used and a playlist!  You can read a little bit of the story on my Figment page – the first 3 chapters or so.


i’m a winner!

Cabin Fever is not a complete draft yet, but I did cross the 50,000 word finish line.  Along the way, I realized that I wanted to write the novel in third person, and not from 3 different first person narrators.  However, I have a solid start and hopefully I’ll be able to keep the momentum and finish the story.

and so it begins…

It’s November 2nd, which means Nanowrimo has started again!  Yesterday I managed over 1,900 words and my goal for tonight is to get to 3,500 before American Horror Story comes on.

Cabin FeverMy novel this November is called “Cabin Fever.”  Up until about Oct. 25th I had no idea what I was going to write about, so I went over to the site Seventh Sanctum and used one of their story idea generators, which gave me a plot about combining the legend of the Jersey Devil with something else (I can’t remember what it was, now).  Then I looked up the Jersey Devil on Wikipedia and it’s actually pretty fascinating – a winged creature with two hooved feet and the head of a horse that was seen by various people in the winter of 1909 in New Jersey.  Reading all the origin stories and about the sightings gave me this image of a family trapped in a house in the winter, hearing sounds on their roof… which reminded me of a story I’d started back in high school called “Cabin Fever,” about a family trapped in a snowstorm and how they all go murderously crazy.  I don’t know where that original story is, although I can remember scenes of wolves jumping up out of a frozen pond and attacking people, and family members freezing to death on the side of the road a short ways from safety. 

This time around, I have a mother who may or may not be mentally ill, an older brother with a fascination about sciences and becoming a surgeon, a flighty sister, and a little brother who has night terrors, trapped in a monster of a storm. 

You can visit my Nanowrimo profile to check out my progress – make me a writing buddy if you are a fellow wrimo!